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Proper Way Holding Pike or Muskie

This is something I never thought would be stressful to a fish, until I read this on another fishing blog. I totally think it's true and you should think about the way you hold a big fish if you plan on releasing the fish back in the water.

Here's what I read: "If a fish is to be over 5 pounds, you should definitely hold it horizontally, holding it vertically places stress on the vertebrae and will hurt or kill the fish." It makes sense you know, fish's spine is very delicate. And if the fish weighs a lot it can pull down on all those mini bones in the vertebrae. I don't think you could actually paralyze a fish, but I'm sure holding them this way can stop the fish from a quick recovery.

Remember too that a fish swims in the water horizontally and there isn't a big force of gravity pulling down on it till' you pull it out of the water. I'm not trying to be anal, I'm just trying to teach you fisherman guys and gals a safe practice of catch and release.

I remember the pike I caught in Lake St. Clair a few weeks ago, the pike was a monster. Definitely the biggest pike I have ever caught. If I knew this back then I wouldn't of held the fish vertically, when I think about it, I could really feel gravity pulling down on the fish's head and back. Ten pounds is a lot of weight ya know, I can't imagine anything bigger. Please practice holding fish this way and you can become a better catch and release fisherman. Thank you for reading!

Down below is a picture of how to hold a pike the wrong way

Down below is a picture of how to hold a pike the right way. The fisherman in this picture doesn't wrap his fingers around the whole pike, you should probably do this to help support it and keep you from dropping it. But as long as you hold it horizontally it will help the pike or any other big fish recover much faster.

Reason I mention Pike and Muskie in the title is because these fish are longer and holding them vertically can hurt them much more than bass or other wide type of fish.

Huge Northern Pike Head

This northern pike just doesn't look normal to me, the pike's head doesn't fit it's body. With a huge mouth like that, you would think the pikes body would be thicker. It still looks like a monster though.

Record Size Northern Pike?

Wow! What a monster, this photo should of been on that show monsterquest! This record size northern pike looks like it could eat a small kid. It's said that this pike weighed around 45 pounds, I'm not sure where the pike was caught or if it is a record, I found it off some fishing forum. It sure is magnificent though!

I also wonder how look it took to real this northern pike in, I bet it wasn't easy. I'm thinking around a 20 minutes to 30 minutes, maybe longer what do you think? It sure is amazing how big these pike can get!

Pike Eating Another Pike

Now this is exquisite, a huge northern pike eating another northern pike. This isn't something you see everday, in fact I never seen or heard of this before in my entire fishing career. I've heard of northern pike hitting perch and bass when you catch them on your line, but never a pike trying to eat another pike. And the odds of the fisherman having a camera on hand to take a picture of it, this is just amazing. I found this picture while searching through Google images one day. I sent it to some of my other fishing buddies online, they were just amazed. One of my friends actually thought it was fake. Yeah, I've thought about that when I first looked at the pike picture, but I don't think so. This is totally possible! I just wonder if the fisherman actually got to net both of them when he brought the fish next to the boat. Now that would be very hard to do!

Man the bigger northern pike is just a monster! I wonder how much it weighed or even how long it was. I'm thinking a 30 or 40 pound pike, and it could be over 50 inches long. It's definitely one of the coolest fish pictures I have ever seen taken. I'm sure there's a really cool story behind it.

Cabelas Outdoor Store: Fish Aquarium

Down below is my collection of pictures of the Cabelas Outdoor Store in Dundee, Michigan. I checked out the shop for the first time ever, I was highly impressed! Man I thought Bass Pro Shops was sweet, Cabelas is ten times as sweet as Bass Pro. The Cabelas fish aquarium was just amazing, they had everything in there from Muskie to Trout! I got a few good pictures of some catfish, walleye, and some gar pike. The spotted gar pike look really neat! There fish aquarium was just huge, it rapped around a hall way for a good 100 feet or so. It doesn't stop there, Cabelas setup in the middle with all the neat animals was just cool as hell. I never seen anything like this before other than the Zoo!

Here's a shot of the Bears fighting outside Cabelas Outdoor Store. As you can see from the picture, the bears are like ten times the size of people. They make for such a great sculpture in front of the outdoors shop.

What's also nice is Cabelas actually has a kids section too. The kids can come out with a few cool toys, gives them something to look for if you plan on making a trip to Cabelas in Michigan. Luckily the Dundee Cabelas Outdoor Store is only an hour away from my house. It's in the bottom state of Michigan, so if you plan on making a trip from Mt. Pleasant you might as well make a whole day out of it and bring the kids along. They have everything, they even have a restaurant. I tried one of their Bison burgers and it was just fantastic, the meat was tender and juicy. Definitely one of the most unique burgers I have ever eaten! I definitely want to go back there when I get some time off from work. When I went, they were actually remodeling Cabelas so I didn't get to see some of the giant size Bucks they had in front of the store. It was still a bunch of fun though, we checked out the gun section too. If you live with an hour distance, I definitely suggest checking their outdoor store out, it's the best store I have ever been to.

Torn Up Berkley Powerbait Grub

Man check this out fisherman, this is the end result of a ten and half pound pike. This big northern practically tore the Berkley Powerbait Grub in half. The big Pike also bent my hook, I couldn't believe it! Just makes me wonder what could happen when I catch a Pike twice it's size! It's so amazing how big fish can get! I'm just glad I bought enough of these fish baits, because you can go through five of them in a day. I remember one summer day when I caught 100 largemouth bass. It just tore up all my Berkley Powerbait! But this year I've come prepared, I bought five pouches of the 4" Berkley Powerbait Grub, what do you think? I think I'm good to go, set for the whole year. I ordered them up off of Bass Pro Shops fishing store. They seem to have the best prices on Berkley Powerbait grub, I suggest going with either pumpkinseed color or a green tainted color grub. But really anthing works in Berkley Powerbait, it's just a great working lure!

Pictures of the Demon Fish: Goliath Tigerfish

When I took my first glance of the Goliath Tigerfish, I thought the fish wasn't real, I thought it couldn't be real. The teeth and head of this fish look like something out of a comic book. I then saw Jeremy Wade catch one on his show "River Monsters" on Animal Planet, you know the Billy Idol looking dude, he was fishing the Congo River in Africa. I then realized the fish was real, my worst fear came true! The Goliath Tigerfish, aka Demon Fish is just memorizing, I got a decent collection of pictures on the fish. I think that Demon Fish name fits the fish quite well, because it looks like something the Devil would make, like the fish came straight from hell to decimate all. What would you guys do if you saw one of these at the end of your fishing line?

River Monsters on Animal Planet

Man I'm just digging the new show called "River Monsters" on Animal Planet! If you haven't seen it yet, I'll give you a small rundown. Extreme angler Jermey Wade tries to uncover the world's largest fish, he goes all over the world investigation rivers. I'm actually watching the show right now, it's something else man. The show I'm watching Jeremy Wade travels to India and tries to uncover a fish that killed two small boys. He either things it's a crocodile or a big river fish. Since the current is so strong where the boy was pulled under, it probably wasn't a crocodile. So it's kind of up in the air what kind of monster fish it could be?

Here's some of the photos taken of river monster fish Jeremy Wade has caught. This one fish with the big teeth is just freaky, anyone know what kind of fish this is? Thing is just so scary, I wonder if this fish could kill a young boy. The teeth sure are big enough!

Record Size Smallmouth Bass

We were fishing for Pike a few days ago, well we got some good size pike, but we also caught some record size smallmouth bass! Yeah I know, these really aren't record size smallmouth bass, but they sure are huge to say the least! This is one smallmouth bass my friend Andrew caught, it ended up weighing in around five pounds! It's just so amazing how big these smallmouth bass get in lakes, it's extraordinary! I wonder what lurks below, could there be a ten pound smallmouth bass where I fish?

When a Fish Becomes Too Big for the Net!

What do you do when the fish becomes to big for the net fisherman? Well one idea comes to mind, just trying to reach over and grabbing it with both my arms! Shit, if it comes too it, if it's a record I would jump in the water and try to get the monster out of the water. The net I have right now is pretty big, but you never know, because I've seen pictures of Muskie and Pike the size of people! I just hope one day I can hook one of these monsters and land it! After losing a huge fish the other day, I'm thinking about stepping up to a larger fishing line. Eight pound test just seems too light for Lake St. Clair.